Thursday, January 6, 2011

Room organizing? Sponge Bob Found

Hello Thursday,

Hope you are all having a good Day

I have spent most of the day cleaning and  organizing  my art studio (room) I had so many projects going for Christmas  and other functions, I can not believe how quickly it all piled up.  We got some sponge Bob golf balls for Christmas in June 2010--- I'm not sure how that happened-- unfortunately they ended up in what I call the Jelly fish pond -- They are lost never to be seen again.  I am now going to finish making the thank you card and send it because-- SB got lost in my papers and I just found him.  I will post the finished card later this week-- Parts of his legs ( the white part did not cut out so well, so I used a Sakura gelly roll pen to fill it in.

This pile of paper really looks like more than it is there, it is on top of four 12 x12  plastic organizers. It is really hard to throw away some of good quality or pretty paper so I got my punches out. I punched  the scraps in 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2, and 2 inche circles put them in snack bags, if sponge bob gets hungry he can eat them later (L.O.L.). They will be ready for future use.

Have a good day and Thanks for stopping in.

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