Friday, February 25, 2011


I wanted to clarify something, on Wednesday I met with my knit wit friends, not all my friends are knit wits but the ones I knit with are. We get together every Wednesday and knit. All the knitting that we do, while we are together (and for some of us, what we knit on our own) is given away to various needs in our community and some to other countries. We began knit wits  in 2005 at that time,  there were 8 of us - we have grown to about 35.  We are a close knit group (that is a pun) we care and support each other, so when I talk about my knit wit friends it is with endearment not disdain.  On Christmas day of 2010,  this photograph along with other Knit groups in our community appeared in our local newspaper. Less than half of our group could make it, because it was such short notice  for the scheduled  timing of the photograph.  We range in age from 18 - 93. Last year my favorite was sending hats and scarves to an orphanage in Soweto.  We received a video of the children singing to us and thanking us for the hats and scarves and they were wearing them in the video. Giant smiles on their faces warmed my heart.  We also have a boutique once a year and the money we make goes to help people with various financial needs in the area. Last year amongst many we sent a young boy to jr. lifeguard training. It wasn't a lot of money but it made a world of difference to him and his self esteem. The group asked if a would make cards for the various give-aways that we did, above is the one I made for the jr. life guard donation.
The afghan at the left is one that I crocheted  for our niece for her and her husband for their wedding last October.

Recipe for card:
5x7 card
Image cut at 4"
from EDPD
I fussy cut the paper from DCWV all about boys card stock stack and the sun was cut at 2" and the cloud was cut 2x one in blue @ 1 1/2" and  one in white @ 1"


  1. Very cute card and I'm a guy btw!

  2. Trell, Thank you for the comment and I know your a guy . I saw the pic of you and your sis

  3. Very cute card!! And very cool that you knit too! I'm afraid to even get out my sewing machine! Not sure why I let it intimidate me so, but I need to just do it! Wanted to give you an award! The Stylish Blogger Award!!

    My instructions were to give it to 8 newly discovered bloggers so here ya go! Just look back at my blog for the instructions and simply copy and paste it to your site and pass it on!

    Always enjoy seeing your creations!



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