Thursday, September 8, 2011


I'm passing this message along from MY PINK STAMPER  for all of you who may have missed it BREAST CANCER

I am making some more cards this lady really needs our help to make it wonderful for people who are having a rough time.  Right now I can do it but some day I may not be able to.  I know when I do service that helps others I am blessed. I am very thankful for the opportunity to help others.PTL

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or you can read the letter here:

"I really need your help along with the your followers. Long story short. I am a nurse at the Medical of WI in Plastic and Reconstruction dept. We specialize in the forefront in reconstruction for breast cancer. Women from all over the country come to us.  This year I/we decided to sponsor the breakfast for breast cancer survivors. 1500 women who have had breast cancer or who are actively dealing with it now will attend this breakfast before the run/walk.

Every year prior to this year I have made something for the women and handed it out at the end of the race/walk. To my astonishment people would be grabbing-pushing aside other women and men to get what I was handing out. Ex: white and pink chocolate covered Oreos, wrapped pink and white M&M's mini bags. TO my astonishment again the cancer survivors really didn't receive what I made.

Well this year, the breakfast will be catered by one of the best chefs in Milwaukee. I feel it is an honor to sponsor this. Where you come in - Please if one person could make a card to support uplift make someone smile. It would make their day. The card would be placed at their seat. Please Please help! 

I would be happy to give my address if you could ask people to help me with this. Just 1 card - 1500 Pink Stamper followers. The Breakfast is on September 28th.

Thank you for your time.


Kathleen Mortl RN,CPSN

Kathy Mortl

10261 N Sunnycrest Drive

Mequon, WI  53092"
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  1. Hi, will get a card out to her by monday, should still be on time, i hope.......:))
    Thanks for doing this.
    lotsa luv

  2. I posted about this on my blog too! I love those ribbons.



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