Monday, October 8, 2012


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Hi friends,

Mojo is really slow today.
Housecleaning takes way too long---- I wonder if I could talk someone else into doing it Does anyone have any suggestions? Do you ever retire from housecleaning?

Do any of you have a housekeeper?
These are very interesting questions.

On to my card - I gave my pumpkin a gold tooth -- I really like gold and I don't just mean the color.

Card stock PTI, stamp
Brad: Lush
Ribbon: Little scrap piece
Pumpkin (CC) Teresa Collins- Chic & scarey
versamrk onyx black ink

MOJO: sketch
Sunday Funday:AG

..: faux stiching

Have a blessed afternoon, Diana


  1. I find sometimes its hard to fit everything in but I manage somehow just when I get it figured all out someone comes and throws me a curve. ha
    I do most of my creating at night and do all the stuff i have to do during day.

  2. Hi Diana I don't have a housekeeper but there is hope my mom who turn 83 this year just hired one she is a quilter and so happy with the extra time to work on her projects. Love the eek coming out of your pumpkins mouth. Hope you have a great week full of mojo... ;) Karen

  3. No prob, Sweetie, it's gone but I still had to come and tell you how cute it is. Bet you're not the only one who errors on the side of Halloween. LOL xxD

  4. Oh, and BTW, we had a housekeeper for years but I was always in a panic that morning picking up before she got here. LOL Unfortunately she DID retire and we never found anyone like Dee. I called her my second Mom and we gabbed a lot more than we should have. After David retired and we both were home, we gave up trying to find someone. Turning a blinder eye to cat hair and dust these days but that's ok. xxD

  5. So cute!! Love it and the gold tooth! Lee-Ann :)

  6. The gold tooth is really cute.. Well I wish I had a house keeper.. But I don't... My plan was to clean up the house today, but had to do a bunch of errands so I never got to it, it's on the list for tomorrow.. Hugs

  7. lol Diana I'm just like you. I wouldn't mind someone coming to clean for me a few times out of the year. Great card. I like the add embellishments. TFS AJ-

  8. i was lucky never had to have a house keeper as my former husband was very clean and picked up after himself.he cleaned the tub/shower AND he also mopped the floors.(ALL the credit goes to his mom for instilling these duties in him as a child)so i guess in a way he was my maid lol anyway i dont trust anyone much and i know id clean before one came anyways so why bother :)
    your card is really cute i love pumpkins. the gold tooth made me smile :)

  9. How cute is this??? CUTE. Love the tooth.. lol Yes I have a housekeeper. I've had her for years. Her name is Nana. lol

    Hugs Nana
    ♥ My Crafting Channel ♥
    Email Me

  10. Great card - love the gold tooth:-) TFS

  11. Haha! Love your pumpkin's gold tooth! Our housekeeper is all of us who live in our home:)

    My Mind's Dust Bunnies

  12. Love the gold tooth!! The only housekeeper in this house is me or the boyfriend! Cute cute card!

  13. The pumpkin is so cute! I love all the polka dots too!

  14. Haha, I love the gold tooth!! What an awesome pumpkin!! I do have a ;)

    A Mermaid's Crafts


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