Saturday, October 24, 2015


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Hi Everyone,

***************The following is quite graphic***********

Flight 719 from Detroit

Destination from Detroit (DTW) to Las Vegas (LAS)  to San Jose (SJC)

What a horrific flight I had coming home from Michigan on Wednesday. October  21.
To begin with, the seat belt signs were on for an unusually long time, and then the Captain went onto the loudspeaker to say we would be experiencing some turbulence. I got up any way hoping I could make it back to my seat before it really got turbulent. I was in the second row so it was not that great of a feat. After I got back to my seat the man in front of me got up, he was very shaking and headed toward the back of the plane. When he touched the back of my seat the whole seat shook, I could feel it all the way down to the floor.

He was gone for a while, and then when he returned and touched my seat he was shaking even more. I could smell tobacco on his brown sports coat and when I looked at his face, he was very pale. He tried to sit down but he kept fussing, he was in the outside seat directly in front of me, the woman to his right on the end in the row of seats across from him helped him open a package of some sort it looked to be mints. The flight attendant looked at him with a frustrated look and said, "Sir you need to stay in your seat". He told her he felt miserable, all of a sudden, he started throwing up. She held a plastic bag for him, and compassion came over her face. The other flight attendant asked over the loudspeaker is there a Dr. or a registered nurse on the plane three people came forward one black woman with some cool cornrows an Indian woman and a white woman.  After a bit of talking amongst them the Indian woman took charge, the white woman went back to her seat and the black woman sits with him and comforts him.
The Indian woman introduced herself to the man and said I am Dr. Wilson you can call me Lily.
The black woman stated she worked at St. Joseph children's hospital. I will call her DR. St. Jo (I did not catch her name) and Dr. Lily said she worked at Henry Ford hospital (my mom worked at Henry Ford Hospital when I was young).
Dr. St. Jo and two male flight attendants helped Marvin go to the bathroom. They said there was blood in his stool, he felt miserable he had been vomiting and he had pills in a pill container, but no names of the prescriptions he was using. He said it might be in his checked baggage, but he had no list of the medications that he was taking on his person.

The next thing, Lily is very calm and very deliberate in her orders she needs communication to the closest hospital as she directs the co-pilot (I Think that is who it was-but that is what I will call him) to get this going. Within minutes, they have communication cables hooked up overhead and beneath the bins on the right side of the plane. Dr. Lily asks the man (his name was either Martin or Marvin I will call him Marvin because I like the name) if he can lie on the floor. Therefore, he is in the very front of the plane on the floor, in the area where the passengers walk onto the plane. They did the paddles (maybe it was a defibrillator) on his chest he was in AFIB (that is what they called it).

This goes on for quite awhile...
The communication to the Hospital seems to indicate they have prepared for him at a hospital in Denver.  Next communication is to all of the passengers apologizing for the inconvenience of not getting beverage service, being kept in our seats and that we would be landing in Denver.

Poor Marvin if anyone was inconvenienced it was him, he was 84 years of age, traveling alone and on his way to see his children.

Dr.  St. Jo started taking his blood without a tourniquet- wow was I ever impressed. She thanked him for his great veins.

At this point I was thinking I was very thankful the turbulence was not as bad as I thought it could have been and Oh my goodness I will miss my connecting flight in Las Vegas to San Jose.  Then, my thoughts went back to poor Marvin; the poor guy will be missing more than a flight.

During all this time, I have been talking to the couple next to me that had just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and their granddaughters wedding, about various different things in life. He had been an airborne paratrooper in an earlier life.  When we landed in Denver, the pilot was a bit rough and my co-passenger commented on it. 

The fire department was ready when the door opened and asked Marvin a bunch of questions very similar to the two doctor’s inquiries. When Marvin could not answer Dr. St Jo and Dr. Lily answered for him. After they removed Marvin from the plane on a gurney, the flight attendants called out a few plane changes and luckily for me, they diverted me from Denver to San Jose, what a blessing I got home an hour earlier and my luggage arrived with me. Was I ever impressed with Southwest Airlines.

I will keep Marvin in my prayers and I will never forget this flight. It had everything Drama, compassion, organization and a sense of family amongst strangers.

Have a blessed day, Diana-- Hug your loved ones


  1. Wow. Has all the makings of movie drama but all real. Glad you're ok & hope the man is. Not had an experience like this before.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

    1. It was quite amazing and made the flight go by ever so quickly. I hope you never have to experience it

  2. Wow - your story made me cry! Glad it all ended without a tragedy and I sure hope Marvin is OK!

    1. Oh Jenn, the lady to the right of him had tears running down her cheeks. My eyes swelled up to, but then I talked to the funny guy next to me and he cheered me up. They had their own stories to tell. This was one of the most eye opening flights I have ever been on

  3. Wow ... thank goodness there was medical personnel on board ... hopefully Marvin is ok!

  4. OMG Diana, how horrible, I pray Marvin is fine and with his family and so happy you made it home safely,
    Hugs, Lori m

    1. Thank you Lori, I am keeping Marvin in prayer also.

  5. OMG!!! What a flight!!! I am flying out to Las Vegas Sunday and I sure hope this does not happen on our flight. Not sure if I can handle the drama

    1. Marilyn I hope you have a safe flight to Las Vegas. I sure hope it doesn't happen on your flight also

  6. Holy #@$%!! This story was absolutely riveting! Now that's some serious drama! I'm glad you're okay & I hope Marvin is too. It's comforting to know how well the airline, flight attendants & passengers handled the situation. What a helpless feeling it must've been to go through that at 30,000 feet! I'm so relieved & grateful that you made it home safely after all that turmoil! Let's talk soon -- after you've had time to settle back in at home. {{{hugs}}}

    Diana ♥
    Leelee Card Designs

    1. ok Diana, As soon as I get caught up on all my ribbon orders.

  7. Oh wow!! What drama!! I am saying prayers for Marvin right now...I hope he is okay and made it to see his kids. How lucky he was to have three doctors on the plane with him. I'm so glad you made it home safely. I've experienced something similar...I used to fly all the time with my old job. I was on a flight once from Charlotte to LaGuardia and the turbulence was the worst I've ever experienced. I thought the plane was going to literally shake apart. People were crying, throwing up everywhere, others were praying out loud, and a man in the back of the plane had a heart attack. They asked for a doctor on board. I was towards the front so I couldn't see what was going on, but they asked us so stay in our seats when the flight landed so they could get him off. The paramedics rushed on when we landed and they wheeled him out. I don't know what ever happened to him. I have never been so thankful to be on the ground in my life. Big hugs my friend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

    1. Thanks for your prayers fro Marvin. I covet the virtual HUG!! I was on a flight going to Hawaii one time and the seat belt sign went on the plane was very turbulent - we drop quite a few 1,00 feet in seconds the cart went flying the flight attendants went flying, the plane shook and rattled, it was like a roller coaster ride. The flight attendant's got in their seats got in. I think a few people threw up, and luckily there were just a few bruised people.

  8. Oh my gosh,I am so glad you made it home safely and prayers for Marvin. How scary to have to experience that kind of turmoil. Thank goodness their were some medical staff on board to help~
    Take care and get some rest my friend,
    Sherrie K

  9. Thanks Sherrie I am glad I made it home to poor Marvin, I was more fearful for him than myself.

  10. Relax Diana,
    now is behind you.
    It was a lession for all on board
    Life is a tresure,
    so have a blessed and loved day
    say to your dear ones that you love them.
    One big hug Tamara

  11. Wow, Diana! What a flight and blessing to have you on it because I am sure you were praying for Marvin. I just flew southwest last week and have to say my sister and I were very impressed with the airline as we’ll. I love how on almost all flight we were on the pilot would say hope you have a blessed day! What an amazing flight and poor Marvin flying all alone when he felt so bad. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I certainly was praying for him, I touched his back gently and prayed healing prayers over him. God was surely wth him.

  12. Diana, read your whole ordeal, and have to say, your kind disposition came through your amazing story! I would be feeling so helpless at a time like that. Imagine, 3 drs, all women, on your flight. Wish I knew the outcome. I also will pray for that poor man!

  13. WOW Diana. That poor man. How lucky that there was three doctors on board. I am praying for Marvin and his family. I am so glad you are home safe and sound.

  14. Oh my goodness! What a scary experience! I am so happy that there were such competent and helpful passengers on board. God bless all of them!


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