Sunday, February 14, 2016


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Hi Everyone,

I have extended the 14% off sale until tonight at 11:59 PM PST-- use the code below- I hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's day.

As you know I released  the Valentine bundle  about a month ago, and I am extending the 14 % off until Valentine's day at midnight.  You can order it through my DL.ART store and  you can use this code  VB21416 on the Valentine bundle for 14% off now through February 14, 2016 at 11:59pm PST----- After today it will also be known as the LOVE bundle. As my Valentine's gift to you if you plan on buying more than just the Valentine's bundle this CODE may work better for you as far as savings go   DL116 - for 11% off
As I am typing this everything is in stock- you can only use one code at a time-- all orders placed today will receive one yard of peacock crinkle woven ribbon as my gift to you.

In case you missed the release of the Mermaid Tale Third Edition bundle here it is again...

I have a very quick video here for you, because sometimes a photo just does not show the great colors in these bundles.  This is the new Mermaids Tale third edition.  The colors are
orange -green hue and green hue. This is such a pretty combo. This was a happy accident, I was going for a totally different bundle and this happened. The green hue was planned, once I came up with the orange/ green hue and to my surprise that even came out better than my intentions. I sure hope you like it.

I am hoping to get everything back in stock this week, but it depends on how long it stays in stock. It takes awhile to make the bundles as I make each 5 yards at a time, although I do several 5 yard batches at a time. Some of the bundles take a couple of days to make due the colors I am trying to achieve. My goal is that you are happy with the crinkle ribbon that you purchase. I do quality control with each bundle and if there are major flaws I don't sell it. The fabric is natural and will have normal variations in it.

Video Mermaid's Tale third edition

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Have a blessed day Diana


  1. I got "Happy Mail" yesterday with both these sets and MORE. Gorgeous! xxD

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