Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Happy Kwanzaa and out of Africa set 1

Happy Tuesday, Boxing Day and Kwanzaa,

What is Kwanzaa and how is it celebrated?
Kwanza (/'kwa:n.ze/) is a week long celebration in the United states and in other nations of the West African diaspora in the America. The celebration honors African-American heritage, and is observed from December 26 to January 1, culminating in a feast and gift giving.

This info is taken from google

If you would like more info on Kwanzaa you can google it, I will be sharing a little each day on the history of Kwanzaa-because I want to know and I would like to share what I learn with you.

If you would like to share in and add some info about Kwanzaa I am sure we would all like to know.

I will also be showcasing my new sets of buttons Out of Africa 1 and Out of Africa 2. Each edition will have five sets of buttons with 6 buttons per set.

On New Years Eve I will begin displaying Out of Africa 2

Each set is $4.50 (buttons)
However, if you order the complete edition of Out of Africa 1- 5 sets  (30 buttons total) by Friday December 29th You can get them for $20. shipping  Site unseen but they are all really cool --- Use code: OOA1cs

You can order the buttons Flat back, pin back or open back - I make the sets after the order is sent. It usually takes a couple of days 
release date  Dec 26, 2017-------Out of Africa 1  Set 1

Out of Africa 1 Complete set

Complete set Out of Africa 1--- Click here

Have a blessed day Diana

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