Friday, January 5, 2018

DL.ART 7 Year Blogiversary and 7 Giveaways*

Hi to all my friends and Family,


     I can not believe it has been 7 years since I started my Blog on January 1, 2011.  I have met so many wonderful people not only in the blog world, but some of you have literally come off the pages and into my physical world. That has been a real joy in my life. My goal this year is to keep up with birthdays and Holidays, so Birthdays first!!  Posts coming soon.

I am posting here my January 1st post for each Year I have been blogging Enjoy!!!

I actually just announced on Jan 1,2011 that my blog was opened this was my first card posted on Jan 2, 2011

Some of you may remember this one. I was the first ever guest designer on My Pink Stampers blog. WOW was I excited - I still am when I think about it. This was Jan 1 2012- Robyn, was one of the biggest influences on me starting my blog

January 1, 2013

January 1, 2014

January 2015

January 1, 2016

January 1, 2017

How funny!  I look back at all my January 1st projects and I think I must have been too busy at Christmas time to really make anything as good as I do throughout the rest of the year.  Maybe that would be a good goal for next year I have a whole year to think about it.

 ...and now for a chance to win the giveaways

1. Be a follower- a link in your comment to where you follow me from (blogger, wordpress facebook etc;..
    (that way people can come see you to.)

2. Link up you name in the linky

3. In the comment section tell us

 a .How you have met me. In blog world if you remember and how long     have you been a follower.
 b. How often you visit my blog (approx)
 c. What is your favorite part of my blog
 d. How can I improve my blog
or anything else you want to comment on

4. Post this giveaway on your side bar of your blog or share on FB or both with my 7th blogiversary banner and a link back to this post

1 st giveaway- choice of 1 of these 3 items

1.Cricut cartridge- Children around the world (new)
2. Anna Griffin set of 6 punches (gently used) really!! like one time
3. A CTMH wreath making kit

2nd giveaway- Valentine bundle crinkle ribbon and set of heart buttons

3rd giveaway- Vintage Vineyard crinkle ribbon

4th giveaway- $10.00 coupon code to the DL.ART store

5th giveaway- $5.00 coupon to my

6th giveaway- Twine sampler

7th giveaway- 25 yards of any color twine that I carry

I will pick the random winners on the 15th of February, so you have plenty of time to enter and tell your friends.

Have a blessed day, Diana


  1. Fun idea to post all the projects from your blogiversary. I need to check mine to see what I have shared. Congrats on 7 years! Woohoo!

  2. Happy blog-iversary!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVING all of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. A huge congrats on 7 lucky years, Chickie! How time flies! Love your walk down Memory Lane. Seems like we've known each other 4ever and I'm so happy that we actually are able to meet in person now and again. Did we meet first on the Cricut message board? Love your inspiration here and fab challenges that I enter whenever possible and the cool stuff you have in your shop. Keep up the great work. I wouldn't change a thing. xxD

  4. Wow, Diana! Congratulations on your 7 years of blogging! That's an incredible accomplishment, especially nowadays! I really enjoyed seeing your old cards - I still like looking at some of my old cards for inspiration but then there are some of mine that make me cringe now - what was I thinking haha? Yours are all beautiful and would still work today - I really love the penguin!

    I follow you through Blogger and have done so since June 2013. I searched my old blog posts to discover that I entered your challenge for the first time on June 24, 2013, very shortly after I started my blog on June 21, 2013. So I probably discovered your blog through Paper Playful (Feline Playful then) or someone else's blog, perhaps Crafting Vicky as she was the first blog I ever followed. I have not met you in real life but I have received some amazing prizes from you over the years - thank you so much!

    Here's a link to my blog although I have not been blogging for nearly a year: . Now I post my cards on Flickr or Splitcoaststampers but I hope to revive my blog at some point. As for how often I visit your blog, it's hard to say because I'm not visiting blogs like I used to, but I enter your challenges as much as possible, daily at times.

    My favourite part of your blog is the challenges and the beautiful inspiration! I enjoy your monthly linky as well as your themed Thankful Thursdays. I also love seeing any new products you have added in your store - the beautiful ribbon, the flair buttons, etc.

    I don't see any ways to improve your blog - it's purrfect just the way it is, as evidenced by your 7 years of success! I've posted your giveaway on my sidebar for you. Thank you for all of the inspiration and for your generous giveaway! I wish you many more years of happy blogging!

  5. Congrats Diana! I discovered you through the Coffee Lovers Hop! Love your shop and your ribbon is fantastic! I visit you a couple times a month probably... love to join your challenges! Thanks for all of the fun and here's to another 7!

  6. Congrats on 7 years of blogging!
    I follow you via Blogger. I can't recall when I started following you, but it's been several years now. I don't have a blog myself, but I do visit yours frequently! I love seeing your projects and your lovely ribbons!

  7. Congratulations on your 7th Blogiversary!! That is so impressive. Loved seeing your New Years projects from the past. All of them are just wonderful.

    1. I follow you on email and also by Blogger. Maybe some other venues, besides!!

    2. Linked up.

    3. I probably first saw your monthly linky parties linked up to one of Karen Ladd's project entries....maybe in 2014 or 2015. Soon I was following and entering, too!! How often I visit your blog varies, but sometimes it is several times a week. I love your challenges and linky parties the most. You have one of THE best design teams anywhere in blogland and I love seeing the projects you and they have made.

    As far as improvements....not sure if anyone else experiences this problem, but my computer and your blog have relationship difficulties. It is prob not anything you can change or improve, because it might be the platform you use....but my computer bumps and grinds and whirrs and complains every time I visit. I am not techno-savvy enough to know why. That's all. Otherwise, everything is great!!

    4. I have posted your graphic on my blog sidebar. :)

    Congratulations on your milestone achievement and thank you for these generous giveaways!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  8. Congrats on your 7th anniversary! It's so much fun to go back and look at your past projects and see how much you change in your style is it? I love to occasionally look back at the way I used to scrapbook and then the way I currently scrap - it has changed so much over the years as I learn new techniques and new products come out! I think I follow you through blogger, facebook, pinterest, and bloglovin. I met you via the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge blog and I just love seeing all the projects you post. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  9. Congratulations on 7 years! I met you on FCCB, and what great designs you do! I don't know how you can improve your blog-seems pretty great to me!

  10. Congrats on your blogaversary. What fun. I follow with friends connect. Hugz

  11. Huge congrats on 7 years, my dear friend!! I'm so lucky to have met you in blogland!! My 7 year blogaversary is in two months, and I think we've been friends about that long!! I can't remember ever blogging without you there :) It's been a blessing. I visit as often as I can and I love everything about your blog, so I can't pick a favorite...although I think I'd say it's how incredibly generous you are!! You have the most kind, giving heart, Diana. I wouldn't change a thing about your blog. Congrats again, my friend!! Here's to many more years of amazing inspiration :) Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  12. Congratulations Diana! Wow, seven years and still going strong! I looked at your cards through the years and it is amazing how they have changed! The new products and die cuts make them so mondern but...there is nothing wrong with the retro!! We met when you visited my blog and invited me to enter your challenges. I do enjoy visiting and seeing all the creativity! I better get making more cards and start entering your challenges again!! I have no recommendations to improve your are doing a great job!! Wishing you many more anniversaries!!

  13. Congratulations on your 7 years! I feel like I have known you forever. I remember talking to you on the phone when I was have a CTMH on-line party and your voice sounds just like my best friends voice, that made me like you right away!

    I have two favorite things about your blog. 1. Thankful Thursdays, it reminds me how thankful I am to still be alive! 2. Whenever I have had a question, you always answer me right away! I love that.

    I think I probably visit your blog 5 times a week (I don't blog on the weekends.)

    Hugs & Kisses,

  14. Congrats on your blog anniv. I follow you from my blog:
    I have known you for approx 5 yrs. Ck your blog every other day.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  15. A huge congrats to you on your 7th year blogaversary! I started blogging in 2011 and met you in 2012. You had commented on my blog about a project that I made for the "I Feel The Love Project" with Madison. After that I have always linked my project to your challenges/linky party.I started following you and a blog friend but it has turned out to be a beautiful friendship, which I truly appreciate. You are truly one of the most generous, beautiful and wonderful person that I have met. Thank you for your generosity. Also you have an amazing DT and they always inspire me. I would not change a thing about your blog. It is perfect the way it is.Just like you my friend!!Sending blessings and more years to com!!
    Congrats again!
    Have a wonderful day,
    Crafting with Creative M

  16. Congrats Diana on your 7 year blogaversary! My 7 year blogaversary is next, time flies! I think we met shortly after I started blogging and have been friends ever since. You are such a sweet, kind and generous person and I can only hope one day to finally meet you. Maybe this year, ha?!!
    I try to visit your blog often and most inspired by your creations. I love your blog and I can't think of anything I would change~
    Can't wait to see all your creations for 2018~ Again, congrats Diana!!
    Sherrie K

  17. Congrats. Your blog is so fun and rnspirational.

  18. Congrats on 7 years! I had found your blog from another blog I had been following(Not sure whose) and started following you then(Not sure how long ago) For some reason I notice in your followers list I was not showing up in the list so I clicked the follow button again. I also follow you on bloglovin. I love to see all of you projects you come up with and your challenges. I visited your blog about 5 days a week. Looking forward to seeing your projects for 2018

  19. Congratulations ! I am relatively new to blogland but have been popping over to see your work perhaps twice a month (sorry I cant be accurate) I love your work its very inspiring, and the challenges are always fun x kraftyhugs xxxx

  20. Congratulations on your 7th anniversary :) Wishing you many more years to come!

    Step #1. Following your blog using blogger

    Step #2. Linked up my name!

    Step #3.
    a. I've known you through the a fellow crafter when she added her link to your contest. Following just recently
    b. I visit once/twice a month maybe
    c. Fav part of your blog is the challenge and lovely inspirations! :)
    d. I don't have any specific improvements as of now, I like it the way it is :)

    Step #4. Giveaway posted on my specific page in blog -

  21. Congrats on 7 yrs. Diana! YAY for you! It's amazing to see your projects from the 7yrs. - you can see the changes to your crafting style with each year - kind of neat how we grow and change with our styles! :)


  22. Well this is odd. I could swear I posted a comment yesterday but don't see it now so hope this isn't a duplicate. First of all, congrats on your 7th year of blogging! I follow you by email and google, and have been for years. Not sure when I first discovered your blog but I found a card that I entered in one of your challenges back in 2012 so it's been at least that long. I check in with you several times a week and almost always enter your challenges. Not only do I love your challenges, but your card shares and the elf antics event are another big favorite. Posted the blog giveaway on FB and am looking forward to even more years of enjoying you Diana!! Can't think of anything I would change but I have had an occasional problem with linking up a project through Mozilla Firefox. I work around it by logging in with Chrome though, so no big deal. Happy 2018!!

  23. How fun to see your cards over the years Diana, and congrats on your 7 years of blogging. I haven't even been able to get a blog together at all so I am in awe. I follow you on FB and blogger, and always try to enter your challenges. The monthly AG goes linky is a favorite because I can go with whatever I have time to make! I discovered your blog through my Mom, who is a big fan of yours and I read your blog at least once a week. My two girls keep me busy so I don't have as much time to play as I'd like but always love seeing your pretty cards. I like everything about your blog and would love to hear about how you first got into cardmaking. Shared the giveaway on FB:

  24. Congratulations on your 7 year Blogiversary!! I love all your cards!

  25. Congratulations on your anniversary. I am a new follower, and found your site mentioned on another blog. How interesting to see your yearly new year's cards, it is not something I have ever done. Look forward to your projects in the future

  26. Congratulations on your Lucky 7 years. Wishing you more blessed & brilliant crafty years.
    a. How you have met me. In blog world if you remember and how long have you been a follower.-I am pretty sure I've met your through my joining blog challenges.
    b. How often you visit my blog.-I am subscribed to your blog with Blogger so I would say, at least once a week I get to check out your blog.
    c. What is your favorite part of my blog-Your cards!
    d. How can I improve my blog.-I sometimes have a hard time finding the winners of your challenges. I do check especially if I participated on it. Just want to see if I finally won your crinkle ribbon which I totally want to try and use in my crafting.
    -Maria Giselle B.

  27. Congrats on your 7th year!
    1. I follow you on Blogger.
    2. Linked up
    3. I started following you a couple of years ago
    from seeing you as a Super Sponsor on the
    Coffee Lovers Blog Hops.
    I check out your blog probably
    once or twice a Week.
    I like seeing your cards and I
    like when you post pictures of
    some of your new or seasonal products-
    to tempt us all! Lol!
    I don’t know what you could do to
    improve your blog. I’ve only had a blog for 5-6 years!
    4. I have your Blogaversary banner with a link on my side bar.

  28. Congratulations on blogging for seven years.
    I just started following your blog today, but I have visited before during the Coffee Lovers Blog Hop. I took a peek around, and there are so many wonderful things to see. I added the give away graphic and a link to this post to the sidebar of my blog:
    Glad to have visited!

  29. Congrats on 7 years of blogging Diana!
    I've found your blog through my joining blog challenges, two years ago. I am subscribed to your blog with Blogger - at least twice a week I get to check out your blog. The favorite part of your blog - your cards :-)
    I don’t know what you could do to improve your blog - I like it the way it is :)
    Look forward to your projects in the future!
    Hugs, Majda

    I have your Blogaversary banner with a link on my side bar.

  30. Congratulations on your 7th Blogiversary!
    I follow you through Blogger since Mai 2015. But can't remember where I found your blog.
    I visit your blog once or twice a Week.
    My favourite part of your blog are your wonderful projects and the challenges.
    You don't need to improve your blog. I like it very much!
    I have posted your graphic on my blog:
    Have a blessed day, Valerija xx

  31. I have just discovered your blog at A Mermaids Crafts blog and as I am always keen on nice ideas I will follow you from now on. I think you will have great experience in cardmaking as you are running your blog for 7 years now. Congrats!! I read the bloglist almost every day, so I think I will read your messages often and the favorite part will be the nice projects and cards. You don't have to improve the blog because it is nice as it is.
    I wish you lots of success in future,
    Lia xx

  32. A huge congratulations on 7 years, Diana! That is awesome! sorry I haven't been visiting as frequently. I'm recovering from cancer and am back to working full-time. I'm starting to get my crafting mojo back so hope to start linking up to your linky parties again. Thanks for the great give away chances!

  33. Congrats on 7 years of blogging. I've been following you for a long time. I pop In and visit when ever I can but can be bad at leaving comments since I started Facebook too its a time consumer. But i do try and join your linky parties when i can Thanks for the chance hugs Nikki C your all link up in my sidebar

  34. CONGRATULATIONS on 7 years. I met you on Fantabulous Cricut DT. While I missed the giveaway, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to CHEER you on. Like you, my blogging has been joy. When we lived in Italy and Sweden, my cricut and my blog was my outreach to friends and family. Making cards and sending them out through the Cricut Card Fairy Army allowed me to interact with people all over the world. Congrats again!! Here's to 7 more!

  35. Hello, were the results of this giveaway announced? Wondering if I missed it!

  36. Congratulations Diana, you just keep rocking all the beautiful projects, hugs, Lori m


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