Friday, December 6, 2019

Hope made two new friends

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Happy Friday  Everyone,

It has been awhile since I have entered a challenge I am entering the DL.ART 7th Annual elf antics linky challenge (ha ha I know my own challenge, but I won't accept the prize if my name is drawn that would not be fair.)

Hope made two new friends.  She is learning to knit and she made two new friends literally.

Not really we had our annual knit wit boutique the last two weekends,  I have belonged to the knit wits as a knitter/crocheter since 2004. It is really fun to volunteer to work the table while people are trying to decide what to buy.
One of our knitters is very talented and prolific, she is also our knit Dr. if anyone has a boo boo with their knitting she will doctor it up. 
We meet once a week for two hours and everything we knit we donate to various local programs. We have gone to senior centers, homeless shelters, to the fields where the farmers work and various other places. We set up a tables and let the residence or workers  pick any item they want. It brings so much joy to their face and sometimes it is the first time they have ever had anything new just for them. Imagine if you can. It is very humbling. I feel so blessed

The monies we make from our boutique we use to help people in need in our local community with items such as dental emergency, car repair, tires a bed, clothes for school and many other items. We have sent items to hurricane Katrina, Maria victims. An orphanages in Soweto and various other places n the world during economic hardship.

Not only do we help others we are a close group that care for each other and if anyone of us needs something or help, someone is always available to help the other.   


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Have a blessed day Diana


  1. Hope is so cute with her two new friends
    Have a great day!

  2. They are adorable, Hope! How wonderful to have these two new friends! Awesome knitting, Diana, and for such a good cause!

  3. What a nice way to give back to the community. [Bunny]

  4. Love the new friends that Hope made! She's very talented!

  5. What lovely new friends Hope has. Nice that they can look out for each other. Your group sounds fantastic - and it must be so rewarding helping out others less fortunate.

  6. What a wonderful way to donate your time Diana! So glad Hope has new friends.


  7. Oh my gosh, Hope and her two new friends are adorable. I used to crochet years ago and found a whole bunch of little critters and dolls that I had forgotten about completely. Gave most of them to my granddaughters but I still have a few tucked away. However, I've pretty much forgotten how to crochet and follow a pattern so I should probably brush up on my skills. Love the idea of your Boutique and I'm sure the knitted goods are always a big hit.

  8. Like the 2 knitted friends.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  9. Sounds like a wonderful group, Diana! I keep telling myself I need to get back to knitting and crocheting. Even nicer for a cause. Hope's new friends are adorable! xxD

  10. What a wonderful way to donate your talents. I'm glad Hope could "make" two new friends.

  11. Diana, what a lovely group to belong to, great cause and your knitted bears are adorable. Hope looks so happy with her new friends, hugs, Lori m


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