Monday, January 1, 2024

DL.ART 12th Annual Blogaversary and Giveaway

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Welcome to the DL.ART 12th Annual Blogaversary & Giveaway

Happy New Year and happy 12 Blogaversary to me,

What are your plans for January? and do you make resolutions?

I am planning on doing more art and spending more time with family, therefore I have decided to end my challenges, they take up a lot of time and resources. I absolutely love seeing everyone's projects, so having the challenges on my blog was fun for me because I did not have to go every where to see all your work.  I have sponsored many other challenges over the years also and for now I will also be suspending those. 

However, I will be offering some Random acts of Kindness gifts.

2 this month leave your name in the linky and one for my blogaversary.

3 entries total allowed, please share the giveaway on your blog or social media 

I will be announcing the winner of the DL.ART December linky challenge on  January 7 2024 around 3:00 pm.

I have more in store for the coming weeks and months, please check back 

Have a lessed New Year!!!


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  1. Congrats on your 12th Blogaversary and Happy New Year!!!
    I'm sorry to hear you are discontinuing the challenges but totally understandable. They do take so much time to manage!
    I've not made any New Year's resolutions this year. Maybe I'll work on decluttering and re-organzing in the basement. That's such a time consuming task, and I just keep putting it off...

  2. Thanks so much for hosting your challenges for so long. I'll miss visiting the other linkies for inspiration too. I don't make resolutions but intentions for the New Year are more for me. I received a gel plate for Christmas so I'm going to work on learning how to use it. Take care and I'll be back to visit.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!!! Thank you for your amazing challenge and giveaways!!!! I don't really make resolutions but hoping to have a successful year with my personal training!

  4. Happy 12th Blogiversary, Diana! I can't believe it's been that long! Wow! I started my blog in 2013 so I have only been at it about 10 years. Your challenges over the years have been fun, and I always enjoyed playing along, and thank you for your generosity in prizes over that time. I was blessed with winning a number of times, and I have such a fondness for the items I won. I don't blog as much myself any more, so I certainly understand your priorities of art and family. Wishing you peace and joy, my friend. I don't make resolutions, too many failures LOL. Thank you for your giveaways - I linked up my blog to show where I shared your blogiversary badge on my right-hand sidebar. All the best, my friend, and best wishes to everyone joining in!

  5. Happy 12th Blogaversary!
    I make the same resolution every year.... to get my crafty stuff organized! Somehow I am hopeful every January, but by about October, I realize it isn't happening! Maybe this year I can get started on it! I'd love to take a trip over to IKEA (about 90 minutes away) and start with purchasing a couple of their cubbies.

  6. Congratulations on your anniversary. I love your crinkle ribbon.

  7. Happy 12th Blogiversary that is quite an accomplishment!! I am sorry to see your challenges end, I have enjoyed participating in them and using them to help drive my own crafting goals! We had a very erratic December, the entire family was taken down for over two weeks by a horrid flu, our oven quit, and then during the "Great Sick", our fridge too!! Absolutely insane. So I'm hoping January is just generally calmer and quieter.

  8. Hi Diana, happy 12th blogaversary to you!!! I think I found your blog about 5 years ago and have loved every minute of entering your fun challenges. I will sorely miss them. I hope you will share your new art with us for (at least!) the next 12 years!! I don't make resolutions, but do try to have crafty goals like using products that have never been used before (I have too many!) and hoping to purge as well.

  9. I came back to link up a second entry as I just posted about your celebration on my Flickr account! Congratulations, Diana!


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