Wednesday, January 12, 2011

J's haul

Here are the goodies I got at Joann's today. It is 4:30 the water is still not on, but it was a beautiful drive over to Joann's and the store was not too crowded.  The other brand glitter glue is a bit harder to squeeze, then the name brand. I hope you enjoy the video, I hope I get better at making them.  You'll never guess what I did right after I made the video.  I open the album to look inside and I laid the back cover on the glitter glue, Lucky for me there was a plastic cover on it -- and thank goodness for baby wipes (hence still no water).


  1. no video. would love to see the goodies

  2. I do not know what is happening I keep trying to upload this video I think it might be too big. 496MB Do you know if it is too big? I've tried three times. I think I will have to just take a picture tomorrow and re-post..


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