Friday, June 17, 2011

FRIDAY- 400 follower give away

Good Morning,

Blogger has been down for me on and off the last few weeks. I'm sure all of you have experienced this recently. Some folks have e-mailed me and said they could not leave a comment or become a follower. A couple of days ago Norton took control of my blog I could not get into it.  I just want to say in case some of you missed it
I do have a 400 follower give away    CLICK HERE     and leave a comment, for a second chance post it on your blog or click on the Michael's card on the right and it will take you to the same place.
I'm 23  away from the goal.

Make sure you leave a comment on the May 29th post to be entered into the random drawing


  1. 23 away....woo hoo WTG hun! Yeah, blogger has been awful buggers lately. I even follow a blog who lost months of posts and comments and can't retrieve anything. Hope all the kinks work themselves out soon for you (and everyone else, too.)

  2. Almost there!! Congrats.


  3. Still have your giveaway on my blog!! Almost to your goal!!

  4. Congrats! You will be there in no time :)


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