Saturday, June 25, 2011


Good Morning Everyone,
Here is my agenda for today- sounds like work huh?
I'm de-hoarding and cleaning up my art studio - making banana bread and basically, hanging around  all day, at  7:00pm PST, I will be on U-stream, watching MPS LIVE with KARLEE in their question session.

I will probably hop on my bike somewhere in the day  to work off the banana bread (actually maybe I should do that  before I have some.)
This week has turned out really well, I got the Operation write home cards shipped out and also the Purple freedom cards.  I got a shipment of basic grey paper in.Yeah! - I got some new Ideas to work on.
the pic is of all the purple freedom cards I shipped,  they had to be purple and  they are variations of the first one I made.  These are for the awareness against domestic violence and encouraging the victims to seek help.
I will be checking in,  on and off all day today with all of you.  I uploaded another video yesterday for those who own the imagine you might want to watch it,  for those of you who don't,  you may want one, if you watch it. I love it -the imagine that is, not so much my video, although I think they are informative.

Here is the link CLICK HERE to the post and more links there - if you would like to or consider making some cards I think you might have until the 30th to get them in the mail

See you later.  Hugs to all


  1. Diana, sounds like you have a plan for today, lol. Those are some very cute cards you have there and for a very worthy cause. TFS! ~Shen

  2. wow- you are busy. I had to laugh because just before ready this i just put two loaves of banana bread in the oven. i definitely have to freeze one or I will eat them all.

  3. That is funny Barb. I would freeze one also. Now I have to get to ironing(is that a bad word) Then, pop in the shower.

  4. These cards look really nice, and your day sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun! I am now getting ready to go camping at the beach for the weekend, so I'm off to pack! Enjoy the banana bread!!! :)

  5. Great looks like you used your Imagine, right?

  6. Diana, can you stop by my blog, I have something for you. ~Shen

  7. Wow you were definitely on a mission (lol). plans, plans and more plans. whew!

  8. Wow! You have been busy. I'm sure that all of the recipients will be so happy to receive them. You did an awesome job.

  9. Love, Love these cards!!! Did I say I loved them? They are great!


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