Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MORE -WEDNESDAY- No one is perfect and MPS punny-licious stamp set with CAC cartridge

 This was my original -the third one I did not care for the pattern underneath and the owl is too small for the card.
 I accidentally pasted the owl the same way as the first one that I did not like-- dah!!!- that was at the Cricut Circle there was so much going on there I wasn't paying attention.
Then, for  the fifth and sixth one I had forgotten to put feet and the beak on . I was going to post these pictures as the finished project and I looked and  I thought something does not look right here. Then, I realized ---- no beak? no feet?
 The process of the owl went like this: the top one was made larger and with the plain purple on the inside  I like this one the best and this is what I will stick with cut @3", although 3.25" would have worked also-- Remember I'm trying to keep this series all looking the same.
A2 size card
Me and my Big ideas patterned paper
MPS punny-licious stamp set
CAC cartridge
Recollections animal print paper

Owl see you tomorrow with another-- was that corny?


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