Sunday, March 27, 2011

SUNDAY -feeling better

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Thanks to all of you and your well wishes, I am feeling better. I got Anne's winnings in the mail and my  sis's B-Day card out to her

I absolutely love the way this turned out  I used AC card stock for the black, the yellow was from the g.c.d stack and  the pinkish red is from DCWV spring cs stack This is what I really wanted to use for Feb.'s layout.  It was really strange when I put it on the blue and orange card stock (back of Jan) it started looking like a face with tongues sticking out. This is when I re focused and decided to go with the traditional hearts layout-- I did not want February layout to go beyond March (meaning in the que to do list), now I am caught up and I am ready for April.
This design was Lace 1 page 24

I wonder,  do I ramble?

Long story short, 1st attempt to use Paper lace -- The power went out--when I started the machine up it spit the mat out. Sad, I could not even continue to cut again on that piece of paper I think I  can salvage some of it.

I needed multi-cut at 3 for this, it is AC card stock but either my mat is thin or the intricacy of the cut is just to delicate to cut at anything less than 3x-It took about 20 minutes to cut at 3x(multi-cut, med  speed and pressure.

Multi cut at 2 didn't get it either. It will take a long time too cut each of these little pieces out of here by hand.
I'll have to think about that. : -o

This is what I spent my day playing with yesterday.

 12 x12 album layout, I am continuing to use the g.c.d studios paper ( whoop de doo) ( yes, I was not being funny that is the name of the paper) through out this album.
This is the back side of January's layout. I do not care for this pattern that much for Feb., but I am going to make it work. That is why I used an orange-red to bled with the background pattern and the yellow to pull it all together. I  will put a journal square above the I love you ( page 60) and next to the heart border (page50).  Small pictures will go along the top and down the side.

My goal for this album and each  layout is to use the backside of the month before  from  the same stack.

I did manage to get a walk in and check out the damage from the storm, it appears the trees behind us were more like 120 feet and there were three of them down, our neighbors called it the bowling alley storm they had 6 trees down behind them and then counting the oak tree up on the hill, that makes ten, for a strike .
We have 4-5 days of sunshine, that should dry some things out.


  1. I love this cartridge. It has some really "cool" designs

  2. Did you see the You tube video on this, Click on the bunny below it should take you to my you tube channel.


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