Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hi everyone,

I got another new cartridge actually I got about 4  new cartridges and believe it or not I can not even remember which one this ticket was in. I guess if I would have purchased this before August 31, 2010--- I would have found out I was-- "Not A Winner" sooner than  later.
I thought it was pretty funny .

What is the difference between Not A Winner and A Loser?
I feel like  a winner today.  The trees a starting to get new green growth and the ground is drying from the heavy rains.
 Tomorrow is suppose to be 78 degrees. I'm looking forward to the Spring I think I will work on some springy challenges tomorrow.  I'm going out for dinner and then I will come and visit. Bye for now


  1. i am waiting for spring too and i do too have a few of those expired tickets :)

  2. LOL That is funny. But you're a winner in my book. Does that count? :)

  3. I've just presented you with an award!!

  4. Ha Ha! I threw mine away because I saw it expired 8/31/10 and did not want to find out that I had a winning ticket and was too late!

  5. Hopefully you will have better luck in the future. Just keep rubbing those tickets (lol)


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