Monday, November 7, 2011

MONDAY- Morning- experimenting with reverse applique or better known as Mola in the Kuna Indian culture in Central America

Good Morning Everyone,
I do apologize if I have not been visiting all of you, but I do have a good excuse when I'm not posting I am working on an art exhibit. Hopefully after December 7th I will have a bit more time.
 I bought this leaf print paper about a month ago and just love it coordinates so well that once I chose my design I know I don't have to look around and try to match up different papers from different stacks. It makes a world of difference in the time it takes to finish a project. I used faux stictching for this project. I was going to pull my sewing machine out, but realized it would take more time to just get it out than to do the faux stitching and because I am not wearing this, so the strength of the stitch does not matter.

PTI papers Ripe Avocado, spring moss Harvest Gold, patterned paper.
The cuts I used are from my Quickutz squeeze. (this tool has been sitting on the wayside for quite some time.)

I hope you enjoy this card.


  1. Love the faux stitching, really pretty :)

  2. Great card, Diana! Love the faux stitching! :)


  3. Great card- I love the reverse "mola" and the avocado color of the paper! :)Amy

  4. wow that is amazing! an art exhibit you must be thrilled. Your card is so beautiful I love it. pti ripe avocado is one of my favorites

  5. Your card too is lovely, plus I learned something about it being a "mola" technique.
    Many thanks have fun with the art show.

  6. The stitching looks so beautiful and I love those flowers!! Gorgeous card, Diana!! :D


  7. Beautiful card, nice stitching too!

  8. Very cute little flowers. The faux stitching looks great.


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