Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TUESDAY Evening-- Have you ever heard of BUI's

Hi Friends,

I was reading an article today on BUI's  --- Have you ever heard of that????  It was in the September issue of LUCKY magazine.  It was a funny, yet sad article, about people shopping on line after they have had a few or even more than a few alcoholic beverages. One woman bought a dress, that sober, she would have never even looked at, another bought a complete gym that when it arrived she hadn't even remembered ordering and there was no way it would even fit in her small apartment. BUI- What does it stand for Buying Under The Influence.
Sadly this seems to be a growing trend.

I am going to try to do some visits later, I have been having computer issues --- My server was down yesterday and then silly me,  I thought it was  my touch pad and I started doing something with numbers on it and with the wi-fi, I can no longer get an internet connection with it.-- Wouldn't  you know it,  the 90 day  free tech service just ended.  What to do.?????
All comments are read and cherished,
hugs, Diana


  1. BUI?? what next CUI?? Crafting under the influence?? I'd like to see some of those projects! Ok not funny, very sad that people are out drinking then shopping irresponsibly! HeHe... Congrats you won my blog candy!

  2. Wow...now that's a new one! It is sad, but at the same time, I can't help but laugh. Could you imagine a huge piece of furniture showing up at your front door and you have no idea why?!?!

    Amy E.

  3. New heard of that but makes sense. I work at State Farm you can't imagine the stuff we see in claim reports the stuff people do craziness.

  4. First, I am so sorry about all the tech issues. Hope they get worked out fast and you are back on track soon!
    Second, the BUI info made me laugh hysterically because I remember something like this from when I was a child. My mom returned from a Christmas Party and we had made a bed on the floor in front of the TV when she returned. She sat down on the floor with us and turned the channel to HSN. She tried to buy an Emerald Ring (her birthstone), but just missed the chance by a few minutes. She tried so hard to get the CSR on the phone to just let her buy the item and rush ship it to our home. Unfortunately, the CSR couldn't allow this. My mom doesn't recall this phone conversation, but my twin sister and I still laugh about this to this day. I guess that falls under the BUI category, right...LOL! My mother has always been a frugal person, and although she may have wanted to purchase the ring while she was sober, she never would have spent that much on something she didn't "need".
    Thanks for your sweet words at my blog!


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