Saturday, January 14, 2012

Good Evening everyone,

I want to share this with you. During the Holidays I got this cake pop machine. I had planned on making a ton of these things and decorate them and give them as gifts. In my own handmade boxes. I made a ton of them, but I never decorated them, mainly because DH was sick and I didn't want to chance me being sick, and then end up passing it on to my friends. We ate most of them,  they were yummy. They freeze great. This was my first attempt and it looks like a space ship my second one, looked like Saturn missing a few rings.  It is a fun project. I got pretty good toward the 4th batch.  Just thought I would share.

Have a great night.
Hugs, Diana


  1. These look super yummy! I have not made these but have heard some funny stories from friends that have attempted to!

  2. LOL, Diana, you're so funny! Even if they do look like Saturn, I bet they're delish. And I've never made a cake pop in my life! ;) The Tinkerbell ones were bought! Lol, it's my recipe for success!

  3. Cely,
    I know, I read your post after I commented and realizeed they were store bought.

  4. Diana they look delicious, I wondered about that cake pop machine after a few attempts on making them. I did find a great recipe that worked amazing for me. Go to the local donut store, buy the donut holes, melt chocolate, coat, add decorations and smile.

    Hugs, Lori m

  5. Bet they were yummy. The birthday cake I made for my daughter was a new recipe, Hershey Choc Cake, and was unsure how it would turn out and it tasted good even though it was a bit fudgy. I bought a mini donut machine for my daughter from Kohls and used the recipe to make the donuts and liked it. Saw on Rachel Ray's show about making the cake pops using a cake mix, after cake is baked breaking up the cake into pieces using your hands (clean hands of course until you get them into the cake mix), mixing in the frosting, making balls and then dipping those into more frosting. How did you make yours? I've seen the Wilton lady at JoAnns and she makes cake pops and more.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  6. It does look like a spaceship!! Cool! I am not much of a baker but these would be a fun project to do. Enjoy your cake pop machine! :)Amy

  7. Fun! Yummy cake pops! Even the spaceship make my mouth water....
    Have a great day!

  8. lol mine came out the same on the first try.Then i just watched some youtube channels.But they sure are yummy.tfs

  9. Thanks for sharing-love cake pops! Look yummy:)
    Sherrie K

  10. I got a cake pop machine too, and made some over the holidays. They are fun and yummy!


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