Saturday, March 16, 2013


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Good Morning Friends,

I had to get a recharge on the creative batteries and what better place than to be with crafty bloggy friends.
I signed up for 4 workshops Yes, 4 workshops from 9:30 am until 3:00pm.-- I had 1/2 hour in between each 1 hour workshop.

So here is where the fun/or should I say strange day began. 

The night before I decided to set the 6:00am and the 7:00 am alarm, 7 as a back up in case I slept through the first (which, I don't normally do).  I am a light sleeper, so I probably really didn't need the back up.
What I actually did, was shut off both alarms.

 I wake up 10 minutes, before the time I wanted to leave, at least I got a good night sleep and woke up naturally, right.

Should I or shouldn't I wash my hair?  I think so, which adds on another 20 minutes.

I have everything loaded up and ready to leave, the car is packed with all the things I will need for the work shops.  So off I go. Fifteen minutes out, I'm thinking .......... Did I or didn't I unplug the flat iron? If I don't get off at this exit it will be another 20 minutes to get off if I decide to go back. In my mind I am thinking .. It is better to be late for the class than have a burned down house. So I go back.. The flat iron was unplugged.

Off I go again... My Nav system is directing me and I am happy and singing away.   She tells me make a right and stay in the left lane --ooops!!!! I could not get over -This takes me another 10 minutes out of the way, I should have listened to Zoeie (that is the name I gave my Nav voice).  
Do any of  you do that, name things you have, that aren't really people?

I arrive and it is a beautiful sunny day,  last year it was raining cats and dogs.  Unfortunately I missed the early bird shopping-- Oh well, I make it to my first workshop and it is Trunk show-- I received 2 times or more in products from Queen and Co. what the class cost me.

Check it out

 I am looking forward to playing with this stuff,

This is the wrist you get if you are in classes

Everybody won a prize and I won 6 spools of twine

Come back later for more of the saga of  the Scrapbook Expo -- I met up with some friends I will tell you about that in the next episode and more stuff to share-- I had so much fun.

Thanks for stopping by,
Have a blessed day, Diana

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