Saturday, November 30, 2013

Elf on a shelf- Day 2

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Hi Friends,

My elf has been getting into a lot of things so far.  I thought they just stayed on the shelf. I think mine is a bit more active than most. She is pretty cute she has silver earrings and a nice little smile.  I am not sure if  is a sneaky smile or just an elfish smile.

I found her elf  texting with my non-smart phone. I tried to get closer to see what she was texting and guess what.

I found her sending a text to none other than Santa.

 I know her name now. It is, Hope and what a fitting name,  oh and it looks like we have been good so far.
I hope I won't disappoint our guest.

Have a blessed evening, Diana

and come back tomorrow to see what Hope is up to.


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