Sunday, July 13, 2014

"SPECIAL DEAL" and The LSB art antique and Craft fair this weekend

ENDS AT 6:00pm PST 7-13-14

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************************SPECIAL DEAL***********************************

Anyone placing a $75.00 product or more order from my CTMH on line store before 6:00pm PST will receive shipped from me separately an A size stamp set. Anyone placing a $50.00 product orders will receive shipped from me an M size  stamp set Plus you are either order is eligible for the stamp of the month Circus Alphabet for only$5.00 more ( reg. price 17.95).

Sorry I have been missing in action, Yesterday was the day for the LSB art, antique and craft fair. It was a juried show and I was accepted.  I was thrilled, needless to say this week I have been very busy, finishing projects packaging and getting things ready to set up my space.

I met some wonderful people some from way back and some new ones.  Lupe if you are reading this please contact me, I did not get your e-mail.  I know we could connect mid-county, so you would not have to drive all the way to Santa Clara or Pleasanton.  We could do a scrap gathering. Caryn, it was great to see you after so many years and hugs to your mom. Last but not least Katie  and Chris, Thank you so much for driving all the way down to help support my art.  Plus all my new neighbors that were vender's next to me you gals were great. All the people I met that came to my booth were simply amazing. I had so much fun!!
If you have ever thought of doing a fair and you haven't -- what are you waiting for ?

I have to mention The chefs-- the food was awesome and Renee thank you for putting the whole event together.

 I got the primo spot this year, usually the almond roca folks are here.  Someone asked me, "Where is the almond roca?  I said, "I don't know, but if you find it bring me some. She said she would, I doubt she found it, because she never came back.

 Do You notice a lot of SVG cuts?

Just before the door opening

Have a blessed day Diana

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  1. Your show was awesome. I loved seeing your work in person, you made so many diferent items for your booth. Chris and i had fun exploring La Selva Beach. The weather was glorious. We look forward to making the trip next year.


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