Monday, December 8, 2014


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Hi Friends,

Did I ever get a late start to my morning.......

We had the invasion of the ants... What is a person to do????? Do you have any ant stories to help me or make me feel not so defeated.  Where do they come from?   OK all you science teachers, I actually know where they come from, any tips on getting rid of them?

Onto  happier things. I made this tri-fold/   card/gift card holder. I used stampers select white card stock
Tinsel and tags linen card stock

 I used funky florals die for the tab ., then stamped it with the Noel  tag circle and embellished it with a die cut out flower that I stamped in Cranberry from CTMH ink. For the roof of the house I used PTI classic Kraft ink and for the house I used CTMH glacier and chocolate for the chimney.

Have a blessed day, Diana


  1. So pretty!! Love how you used the little house on that! Such a fun set - looking forward to more 'looks' for the house! Thanks for sharing your card!

  2. Was typing and the comment disappeared and so retying. Like the way the card opens. No ant story but have a squirrel story. We had a squirrel get into our attic, then we found the opening, closed it up, the squirrel crawled to the area that was above my walk-in-closet, the squirrel died between the Pink Panther insulation and smelled to high heaven. Was over a couple of mths after hubby removed the squirrel that the smell went away.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  3. pretty card, i thought about to use also this set!

  4. Oh, I love this card! The combination of stamps with the patterned paper makes for such a pretty design. As for your ant problem, isn't it strange how they suddenly appear in all types of weather? In the summer they come inside for water, in the winter they come inside for hot cocoa...haha! We live in an area with a LOT of ants because we have open fields behind us so it's been an ongoing problem. We found that spraying the perimeter of the house and along the window edges with Home Defense is the only thing that works. Good luck!

  5. This is so gorgeous, Diana!! The house is so sweet!! I love the design!! What a beautiful card my friend!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Beautiful! LOVING the colors and the house!!!!!!!!

  7. This is so pretty, Diana! Love the little house stamp and the gorgeous patterned paper! Regarding ants - I had this problem one summer. I was told to make sure all food in the cupboards is sealed in plastic containers because they can sniff out anything and they are looking for food. I never actually noticed them down in the cupboards around my food, just on the counter-top or on the floor. But I did seal up all the food, and they didn't come back. I still keep all my food in plastic containers. You can also mix up a solution of sugar and Borax (just google for the exact recipe, I can't remember) and they drink it and take it back to the nest supposedly. Good luck! Ants are very annoying!

  8. Thanks for sharing your BEAUTIFUL card. The colors are perfect.
    My most memorable ant story happened when my daughter was in kindergarten...
    I was in charge of fundraising at her school. Each Friday I sold licorice after school in the hallway. My sweet little one was sitting next to the wall, reading a book while she waited for me to finish. I look over and she has this terrified look on her face. Of course I went to see what was up and she was COVERED with tons of large ants with wings. Did I mention I HATE ants? I did my best to hold in my contempt for these ucky creatures who were attacking my baby, brushed them off and stomped as many as I could dead, dead, dead. Ucky!!!!
    Hope you can get rid of yours fast. Ucky.
    Crafty hugs,

  9. This is gorgeous,Diana!!!!! I want to make one just like yours,I love the papers you used from the kit! I love the elf antics!

  10. Beautiful card, ants??? Is that where all ours went.....on over to your home? We had full groves of ants this summer. Check out a product called Terro sold at Home Depot, that was the only things that worked for me.
    Good Luck, :) Hugs, Lori m

  11. love the card diana - so pretty. hoping to try the MIM this month but not sure i can squeeze it in! Ants... well i never had them this time of year (too cold here for the little devils). But in the summer time we've had them in our house here and at the beach house - hate the little suckers! lol! They're relentless. I can only say you have to be on them every minute - I go after them with just whatever spray i have handy (i'm talking glass cleaner or counter top cleaner LOL) - wipe em up and wait for the next wave. And then i set out a plethora of ant traps. It usually takes a few days but they seem to get the message and go away. (or I've just killed them all so they stop coming) but once they stop coming it seems we're good for the summer. best of luck!

  12. Great card, Diana! Love the pretty papers, sweet little house and the Noel closure

  13. Diana, love this, and those sweet patterned papers! Use the same, and can't use them enough! So happy!
    Ants? In Clovis where I live, we're told the whole city is built on an anthill! We hired an exterminator, and haven't had them in a long time. He puts a barrier around the house, and it seems to work. Good luck!

  14. A beautiful tri-fold card/gift card holder. I don't have any ants story because I do not like them and am a little
    Have a wonderful day my friend,
    *Crafting With Creative M*


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