Friday, April 29, 2011

FRIDAY-making your own dimensionals

Good Morning everyone,
The wedding has really captured everyone's attention. I know I enjoyed seeing it this morning relived- I did not stay up to watch it at 1:30 in the morning my time.
It was beautiful - I promised I would give you a tip Here it is in Video form. Toward the end I had a little technical glitch, because I also wanted to show you that you could use and ATG gun in a similar way or double sided sticky tape, score tape or terrifically tacky tape.  They all work just fine in case you do not have a XYRON


  1. what a wonderful tutorial! thank you for sharing! thank you for visiting my blog

  2. thanks for sharing! My cousin picked these up the other day when we went shopping and I was hoping to find out how to make these. Another way to save!!


  3. Great tip Diane! Thanks for sharing! I sometimes use the left over 'foam' when I've used all the "pop-dots"....especially on bigger one will see it anyways! :) Again, thanks for sharing! I have a lot of May birthday cards to make too! Sounds like we'll be busy!


  4. This idea is insane! I was debating on getting a Xyron machine, but with this idea--it's a no brainer! Thanks for sharing this!


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