Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Where did the day go?  I'll tell you --------after my gym workout--- I took back some exercise clothes that were too big--- because I bought the wrong size. They did not have my size in that brand so I went away empty handed. Then, I stopped by the craft store  -got a few items (did not go away empty handed there), I will post that tomorrow and explain an interesting thing I found on one of the blogs I follow or on You tube,  unfortunately I cannot remember who showed it otherwise I would like to give them credit.  It is all out there for  us to use, learn, and share. It is so cool. I will try to find it before I post tomorrow.

The hats above are from my knit wit group this is what we finished today.  A little over a dozen of us this time, It varies from 5 to 35, any given week. We stop for the summer and our last meeting will be Jun 1st. We do not do any knitting that day We have a big pot luck lunch.

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