Monday, April 4, 2011


Hi everyone,

My printer went out a couple of weeks ago so this weekend I spent shopping for a new one, hooking it up and getting ready for the week. I wanted to go to the craft stores, but I was on a mission-- mission accomplished
We have the HOPE truck coming around tomorrow, I have put a lot of energy into getting ready for that, going though closets and cupboards and I came up with quite a good selection of unused items. I am sure someone will get some use out of  gently worn clothes and working appliances. Don't you just love negative space? No, not negative people, negative space .
Bye bye old printer I had that one for a long time, he's off to be recycled at Staples they take the old stuff and who knows what it will become --------?


  1. Ah, purging is a wonderful thing! Every time a new season comes around, my kids go through their clothes and we donate them to a local ministry~they always still look brand new! Sounds like you had a productive day!!

  2. Thanks Jan, That was the weekend that is why I didn't get to make a card or anything. I know what I did will make a difference for someone. It is a great feeling!


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