Saturday, July 21, 2012

SHOUT OUT!!!! Hawaiian Paper Party

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Hi Friends,

I had the PPT yesterday, normally I would say PT, but it was Painful Physical Therapy.  Hubby took me out to lunch afterward which was really sweet and then, when we got our mail,  this thoughtful card was in it  from my friend Cely, over at Hawaiian Paper Party.  It sure cheered me up! You know how sometimes you can feel sorry for yourself? ( I usually don't)
Well this was perfect timing, so go check out my friend Cely's blog. Thanks again Cely , I love it.

Have a Blessed and great day, Diana


  1. Sorry to hear you had PPT yesterday. Hope you are feeling better today.

    What a beautiful card and a wonderful surprise.


  2. Ho thoughtful that was, she is super sweet! When we were in Hawaii last Oct. I would of loved to have gotten together, but things just did not work out that way. She was taking a copic class the day we were leaving or else I would of taken it just to meet her. Get better soon.

  3. That was supposed to read...How. LOL!

  4. That is so sweet and what a lovely thought. Hope the PPT has not left you in too much pain - I know what physios are like - we call the physioterrorists in our house:-) Take care.

  5. What a sweet card from Cely!! I'm so sorry the PT was painful, Diana. Praying that your shoulder heals quickly and painlessly.

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. This is so adorable!! Cely rocks!!! Hope you're feeling alittle better!! pain not gain LOL!!
    Thinking about you and wishing for a speedy recovery!!

  7. Aw my pal! I know PT sucks!!! I had to do 8 months of it for my back but I got the all clear 2 weeks ago! It'll get better and eventually you'll start using muscles you didn't know you had. :) Get well soon girlie! and your photo looks better than mine! LOL!


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