Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SHOUT OUT!!!! Jessica of Chick-n-Scrap

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Good Morning Friends,

Here is another Shout out!!!!!

Jessica of Chick n Scrap visits my blog almost everyday, she is such a good blogger buddy, I don't know how she does it.  Not only does she visit my blog, I see her everywhere I go,  she makes the most incredible projects, serves on numerous teams and is the sweetest person ever.

I look forward to seeing her profile picture, it makes my day- So Thank you Jessica
I encourage to go visit her tell her I sent you.
Have a blessed day, Diana


  1. I agree with you Diana. I look forward to seeing her each day. She comments on every post. You gotta love her.

    ♥ My Crafting Channel ♥

  2. That is so Sweet!!!And so is Jessica!!!

  3. That is so sweet and Jessica is the sweetest blog buddy ever

  4. AWWW Diana!!! You are just the sweetest! Thanks so much for the shout out and I look forward to seeing your projects everyday! You have truly made my day!! Totally did not expect this and as I was strolling though bloggy land I was totally taken back!! Big hugs to you!!!
    And to everyone who posted such sweet comments here....Thank you all!!!

  5. I totally agree she is wonderful!

  6. Woot Woot! Give it up for Jessica!

  7. Yeah for Jessica! I agree...she is like SuperWoman. Where does she find the time?!?!?

    Carson's Creations


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