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DL.ART 6th Annual Elf Antics with a twist-12 days of Christmas Giveaways -Day 7

DL.ART 6th Annual  Elf Antics with a twist-12 days of Christmas Giveaways   Click Here to go to the link up and see the winners each day

 DL.ART store- Crinkle ribbon


Click here to see the daily winners from the DL.ART 6th Annual Elf Antics linky

Hi Everyone today is Day 7 of the Elf antics linky,

For those of you who came in late this is what is happening...

Guess who's back? If you guessed Hope, you are right.
We have been talking about it and she (Hope) thought it would be nice to have 12 days of giveaways. Here is how you can be involved in the giveaway.
You can leave a comment or/and you can enter the elf antics challenge by posting your elf doing whatever elves do (family oriented Please).In the area under your entry you can leave up to 50 characters describing what your elf is up to.  You can enter and comment up to three times a
day. Make sure you leave your comments on the Post that says what day it is Day  for instance this is the Day 7 post.

Day 7- Hope has really been busy helping me package ribbon and get orders out so today the Hubs and I decided to take her out to lunch at the Harbor. What a great outing and a nice break from all the work.
  The Hubs Extra large burrito

 She wanted a sip - we said no

 After lunch we sat out and looked at the lighthouse.

 There is a mini marine museum at the Harbor, she wanted to ride the pelican

 Then she wanted to see Mr. Otter

 Then she wanted to take in some sun and lay on the relief map of the central coast
 She was really happy to be at the harbor and the fact that it was 63 was exhilarating for her
 Then it was time to head home and get back to work

The Harbor of Refuge

She decide the prize today should be some Santa/Grinch crinkle ribbon, she has been working on it so much and loves the colors.  She wanted to wear her mink stole that Aunt Jenny got her to the beach and I said no you have to change into something more for the beach. So she picked the tee shirt, but still had to go for the sparkly skirt.

Day 6- Hope was coloring today and decided she want to send someone a coloring book and crayons. Just link up your elves leave a comment on this post for a chance to win this prize.

Day 5- Feeling much better today, I have had a slight cold which I have been fighting. So when Hope and I were at the party they had face painting. She did not want to do it but I had a rudolph nose painted on and then we went and saw Santa. Hope was little reluctant because she is supposed to be on the shelf somewhere. I told her as long as she was with an adult it was ok. Santa was so happy to see her.

Day 4- So I am feeling a little under the weather but Hope wanted  to go for a ride. She knew my odometer was going to hit 50,000 soon, like in 2 miles so we took a ride through the neighborhood and looked at the ocean.

 I finally got one without her, she is such a ham

 Hope is so clever, se loves Santa and she loves the grinch movie, so she came up with this idea for a crinkle ribbon bundle . The Santa/Grinch bundle. It is Santa red and Grinch green 2 1/2 yards of each color for a total of five yards. It  is not in my shop yet however the Day 4 prize is this

Day 3 - At the party Hope met this elf, another very quiet and very sweet elf- Do you like going to parties during the holidays?

Day 2- Party in Rochester, MI

We  went to a party in Rochester Michigan and drove through the city afterward to see the lights. How many of you do that ?

Day 1-
As most of you know my elf Hope is pretty sweet.
A couple of years ago I took Hope with me to Michigan- she liked the snow. I will tell you more tomorrow...

Hope came in from the cold and it looks like she will be staying awhile she brought her suitcase with her this time. This was last year

Hope sent me a "SELFIE" to let me know she is here- This is from last year

My friend Hope arrived late and all we have been doing is talking and she has been coming up with too many ideas, but I decided to go along with her on them. She will also be helping me with my blog! She is sponsoring the linky again this year, she is having fun making the buttons with me.

The 7th day of Christmas prize-

The 6th day of Christmas prize- Coloring book and crayons

The 5th day of Christmas prize- 9ft. of Plaid ribbon 2 1/2 " wide

The 4th day of Christmas prize- Hope's Santa/Grinch  crinkle ribbon

The 3rd day of Christmas prize is a Recollections Christmas card making kit Vintage Christmas crinkle ribbon HOPESVCR25- 25 % off the Vintage Christmas bundle.This coupon code expires at 1159 PST Dec.4

The 2nd day of Christmas prize is a bundle of Vintage crinkle ribbon from the DL.ART store or The store. HOpe is also giving a special discount code on the VIntage Christmas crinkle ribbon HOPESVCR25- 25 % off the Vintage Christmas bundle.This coupon code expires at 1159 PST Dec.3

The 1st day of Christmas prize is a set of A Christmas Alphabet button Flair a $19.50 retail value. That is 26 buttons wow are they pretty to. If you just have to have this button alphabet set, Hope is offering a special on them which is pretty nice here is the coupon code: HAS, that stands for Hope's Alphabet special CLICK HERE  add the coupon and see the discount. It is a one day only special and goes away at 11:59 on Dec 2.
Each day there will be a special in one of my stores and a giveaway for the 12 days of Christmas.

She set THE RULES that there needs to be an elf  in the project. You  know how she likes red (hint). She also text-ed the more elves the better.

Long story short, link up to 3 per day, and/or 3 comment.

The rule is there needs to be an elf in the picture. We like to hear what your elf is up to, so let us know. She is really excited to meet all your elfs.
PRIZE!!!!! The winners will be chosen by random most days. Hope will pick a couple days in there where she is looking for something unique or special.  She will probably let you know ahead of time

A Winner will be selected randomly and posted here, sometime that day.
DAY 1-Winner to be announced after 6:00 pm PST on the 3rd
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
All Winners will be posted on Day 1 CLICK HERE to see winners

This linky party will be open until Dec 13th at 11:55pm we will try to get all prizes out by the 16th, so please check back often to see if you are a winner. Winners will be chosen from the entries and comments on that day. If you see your name on any of the days contact me I will get your prize out to you asap. My contact info is at the top left

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I made a tag from scraps and AC textured cardstock 
and DL.ART red twine. Stamp is TPC Coffee cafe

Have a blessed day, Diana


  1. #66 - Those elves have been raiding my crafting supplies to play dress ups!

  2. So much fun to see all the wonderful photos near the water. What a nice day for an outing for Hope!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  3. Hope looks like she has had a good outing. Hope that she got to try the burrito seeing as she missed out on the beer! Looks like better weather than we have been having (and we are in summer!).

  4. It looks like you & Hope had a nice lunch and a nice day out!

  5. Look like Hope enjoyed her lunch outing with you all! Love her little shirt!
    Have a great day!

  6. Looks like Hop had a fabulous day with you guys. Definitely the stole would be a bit overdressed for the beach, but that tee shirt is just right. Love it! xxD

  7. That would have been one huge gulp for Hope, and how about that burrito! Whoa, Baby! That was some lunch! xxD

  8. What a gorgeous day, yesterday, eh? Looks like Hope enjoyed every bit of it. Such fabulous pix. Now it's back to work for you guys. So happy you have Hope to help. Love the bold coffee tag, too. xxD

  9. Hi to all the elves, great pictures and a lovely coffee tag at the end.

  10. Beautiful tag and the black shows everything off so well.

  11. A beautiful tag, Diana!! Be still my heart.. I just love Hope!! I would love to color with Hope!
    Have a wonderful day my friend,
    Crafting with Creative M

  12. Oh man! That food that Hope is eating is making me hungry!


  13. I love your tag! I use scraps a lot on my projects, lots of fun!


  14. Oh, what fun it is to see you and Hope out and about in Santa Cruz. I spent some years living there and don't get back out there often enough. So strange to see the beach all deserted at this time of year, but then you had it all to yourself!

  15. wonderful photos!
    I wanted that elf but we dont have it in Croatia.
    your tag is so great!

  16. Looks like Hope had a fabulous day out at the Harbor! Wow what glorious photos! The food looks yummy, and just look at all the fun things Hope got to experience! I dare not let Eli know - he'll be begging for an outing like this!

    Entry #75 (Day 7.1) - My elf Eli decided to spend some more time at the local post office, hanging out with Santa. They look so cute together! Eli loves the post office! And look at the poster behind them. Write to Santa, and he'll write back!

  17. Entry #76 (Day 7.2) - More fun was had at the post office with my elf Eli. He found another little elf just about his size and they decided to swap stories about Santa. How fun!

  18. Entry #77 (Day 7.3) - Eli fell in love with this Charlie Brown Christmas tree at the local post office. He decided to join the ornaments on the tree. Looking out the window you can see my car with hubby in the passenger seat.

  19. Beautiful tag, love the peppermint elements!

  20. Such a fun tag Diana, love the added candies.

  21. I love the fur stole! My daughter refuses to let me get an elf for our granddaughter. Love seeing what yours is up to!

  22. I love the outfits you have for her!! She's so adorable!! I want that huge moose!! :) Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  23. Your art is always creative and fun, Diana. Thanks for sharing it!


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