Monday, December 5, 2011

MONDAY- MORNING -Pink, Gold and Glitter Oh My

Wow! where did the weekend go.

I have been super busy working on some framing. Unfortunately my Makita needs to be recharged so I thought I would work on some more Christmas cards.

I am not a glitter person, but when I was in MI, in the wee hours of the night and my friend and went shopping at Walmart I scooped up up some MS ultra fine glitter. If your are following my blog at all, you know we have no Walmart no Joanne's no Michaels. Every time any BIG name store wants to come into our city they get voted out.  It is really sad for some of us who would really like to shop locally, but must drive 45 minutes- one hour to get to any of these stores and that is when traffic is light. Enough of that---
I'm grateful I flew 2300 miles to go to a Walmart, the best part was I was with my BFWF.

Here is what I did out of my comfort ZONE--GLITTER- I hope you like I love the way it came out.

Card stock PTI vintage cream and dark chocolate
MS glitter
Doodlbug: glitter
Cart: Joys of the season


  1. I think this is beautiful!!! Loving all the glitter!!!!

  2. No Walmart, Micheal's, or JoAnn's...I'm sorry. When I moved to Philly I had to give up on my Super Walmart habit. I've converted to a Target girl myself. As for craft stores, I was a die hard AC Moore girl until I moved here.

    Great card, tfs.

  3. OH NO!!! You should MOVE out! I complain that I have to drive 20 minutes to the nearest Michaels. Poor you! :0( I'm so sorry. Not cool to be in a town that has non of these stores close by. I hope one day they will. Keeping my fingers crossed! Be sure to check my blog out , there will be fun challenges this week!

    Catarina aka docerela

  4. Wow this is gorgeous! You did a fantastic job! I agree about glitter being out of my comfort zone and I also don't have any "tape" not sure if I will play this week unless I can make it to a craft store...

  5. I LOVE it! I am a total glitter person- so this is right up my alley. Simply beautiful! :)Amy

  6. Sounds like you had fun shopping and I love all the glitter!
    Hugs Trish Munro

  7. It turned out just gorgeous Diana... I know what you mean by things being voted out- Ukiah does the same thing :(

  8. You need to use glitter more often. Your card looks fantatsic. I am not sure what I would do without stores nearby. We have 3 or 4 Walmarts with 15 - 25 minutes depending which direction you go, and a Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joanns, TJMaxx, Ross, Target, etc. We don't have much else around...just shopping.

    Carson's Creations

  9. Super fun and sparkly!

  10. love your sparkly ornament card Diana! It is so pretty.... Oh my on the traveling, here on the Big Island if we want to go on the other side on the island which is called the west side of the island we have to drive 2 1/2 hrs. each way... just to go to Costco's because they voted it out on our end of the island.

  11. WOW glitter is out if my comfort zone as well, but your card is gorgeous. Love the colours.

  12. Aloha,
    Awe! I'm sorry you have to shop so far for your crafting supplies but you can always shop online which is better sometimes bc you don't have to deal with traffic, long lines or bad services. Love the ornament card! It's so sparkly.

    Karezma Kreations

  13. Beautiful!


  14. Beautiful Diana!
    Sherrie K

  15. You are sparkling/rockin' the glitter.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  16. Are you sure there isn't a wee glitter-gal just wanting to get out and make everything sparkly? Your card is lovely. I know what you mean about city councils voting out the big box stores. Such a pain but thankfully the cities around me are more liberal so the big box stores are only 15 minutes away.

    Thanks for the share!


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