Friday, December 2, 2011

FRIDAY MORNING- This is a glimps of last years Christmas Tea

 Hi Friends,

Every year at my church we have a Christmas tea.  The women that choose to hostess a table, decorate it however they like and if a hostess wants to give gifts that is OK to, each table is so different. This year I am not decorating a table, because of the art exhibit. The hostess decorates and then after the tea takes everything home with her to wash.  Could you imagine all those women in one small kitchen trying to wash and dry their dishes to take home.   Oh my goodness, I think there would be more breakage.

Above is the Christmas card that I made for each of my guests last year  and in stead of bringing my fine china, I chose to decorate dishes and mugs.  This was my gift to my guests.  My thought on this was, I would save having to bring all the dishes home and washing them, thinking it would be much easier right ? Wrong
These dishes were sitting around for a couple of weeks while the decoupage dried.  After the decoupage dried I was really pleased.  I also made the runner and the napkins.
As I recall I used George and basic shapes for the gold circle and the square in the center of the plates. I used a sizzix texture folder for the stars on the star. I know I used a sizzix die for the scallop in the center of the plate.
<----  excuse my thermos I need the real deal, leaded coffee, they serve decaf at the tea (I guess they don't want to get us too wound up, it is exciting enough being at the tea)

There are 50 tables to decorate. The tea is Friday night (which is the one I will be attending tonight), Saturday morning and then Saturday night.
 This was the stage set-up for last years performance.

 I started to go around and take a picture of each table, but then I decided to just enjoy the moment.
Then Guess who?  yes DL.ART  this is me Diana, not the avatar.  I will have a good time tonight and let you all know how it went tomorrow.
Big hugs Diana L.


  1. Diana what a lovely tradition. I hope you have a wonderful time tonight.

  2. What a beautiful setting, nice to see the pretty face behind the name. Love your traditions, it is a wonderful way to spend holidays.

    Hugs, Lori m

  3. What a neat thing to do! I just love the table setting you did, and how clever to give the plates as a gift! I also love that you used gold and blue for your color scheme- it was very elegant! TFS your pictures and have a great tea this year! :)Amy

  4. Diana
    Your picture is soo pretty, and so is your table!
    I love your plates and card.
    Have a great time at this years tea!

  5. Your table is stunning! What a fun thing to do--have a great time--Pat N.

  6. Your table setting is just magnificant. Nice to put a pretty face to a name. TFS, Anne

  7. Hi Di,
    Your tea party looks so elegant! First class decor:) Have a great time,

    Di in Oregon

  8. WOW, Diana, your table is so stunning and elegant! Absolutely amazing!! This sounds so awesome - I hope you have a wonderful time my friend!! And you look beautiful in the picture :)


  9. I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time.. and i love your table. Beautiful picture of you. hugs

  10. The tables looks so beautiful! Sounds like a really nice time! You look awesome in this photo!

  11. Diana, you look so spiffy! :)

    And I love the idea of having hostesses decorate a table and having a tea. How awesome is that?! I'm sure you had tons of fun at last year's and this year's tea!


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