Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday Afternoon--Glitter lady is gone for a while

Hi Everyone,

The glitter lady left so, the cleaning lady could come out, That lady has a lot of work ahead of her (meaning me).

Yesterday was our brunch and gift exchange remember the nesting boxes I made I decided to do those for the exchange and not the gift that I had ordered. We had a limit on what we could spend for the gift and I did not want my artist (the beadier) friends work to be diminished in value.  I want to show it to you so much, but I can't because someone may see it here so after they open thier gift I will show it to you.

However we exchanged ATC's last Thursday and I just so happened to get the Beadiers piece here it is. 

 And this was the envelope it came in: I think that is a very pretty bead on the envelope. It is green it just looks blue because of the reflection of the envelope.

For yesterdays exchange I made these.  NO Cricut.
I thought I did pretty good.  

I might be back later to post some more, but I really am on the cleaning kick right now. Not a moment to soon.
Blessings on your evening.


  1. Very pretty!!! Have fun cleaning- although rest assured that you will still find "sparkle" around the house no matter how much you vacuum :)! I think it adds something to the place lol...:)Amy

  2. I think you did a great job! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Absolutely beautiful!! I hope you got everything cleaned! Hurricane Lisa hit my craft room and I don't think I will get the chance to clean it before Christmas :)



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