Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hi Everyone,

I am home. I was able to comment on a few blogs. It is really difficult with the touch pad, but beats trying to do it with my phone.. So I am hoping I peaked some of your interests when I said chocolate chip you were all probably thinking  a new cookie recipe. I'm not much of  a gambler, but when I saw this I was pretty excited. All I had with me to photograph it, was my point and shoot and the guy would not let it too far out of his sight. Can you blame him? This is called the chocolate chip in the world of gambling. Interesting huh?
There was a guy on the roulette wheel I was watching He kept screaming out 17-- He really drew a crowd. The next day I heard him say he won 135 ( I think he meant three 0's behind it).
Scares me just to think of it. Any way,  thought I would share that with you my dear friends.
Hugs, Diana-- it is good to be back


  1. it's good to have you back... very interesting.. lol.

  2. A chocolate chip- I've never heard of this (but I'm not much of a gambler)...glad to have you back and hope you had a great trip! :)Amy


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