Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WEDNESDAY- 3 awards Thank you so much

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by.  I received this cute blog award last week, from Gloria of and I am very honored because she was my first follower and is still here and following my blog, I also received it from Tisha over at , Nita  at .
and Cindy Lou at

And then from Sandy over at   
I received the versatile blogger award
Then on Monday while I as trying to get this post out  I received the BFB award from Anne over at
Thank you Anne

Thank you all so much  for thinking of me and sharing these wonderful awards

I couldn't post it until now because of blogger being down and getting caught up from my time away.

The Stipulations for this award is to share 5 Cricut Related things about yourself  (This is in honor of Cricut's 5th Anniversary).  I am to share this with 10 others that are creative.  Thanks again Gloria.  You are awesome and have shared some amazing work on your blog.  Please stop by  and see Glorias blog as well as the following recipients.

These are blogs that I visit frequently, so I am going to share in my good fortune these awards also.
I hope you will visit them and find them as much fun as I do.

Onto the 5 Cricut Related  things about myself:

 1.My first cricut was the baby bug. It is still the baby of the family

2.The new arrival of the expression came about six months later, that was a surprise, but with the addition of tags bags boxes and more I just could not do with out adopting the expression. The boxes just came out too small with the baby bug.

3. About a year ago (a year and a half after the expression came), it seemed time for another addition. The gypsy was then added as a sibling. The other two feel a little left out the gypsy goes with me almost everywhere

4. There is no bickering amongst any of them right now they can all use each others cartridges. Which seems to be in excess of 100

5.The  Big brother arrived last week  C- E2, Haven't even named him yet  nor have we bonded.  They are all wondering when the imagine will appear on the scene.

The Awards go to.... You are all  Super!!!!!

If I follow you and I leave comments on your blog then you must know
you deserve the award . Please take it and let me know, and then please post that you got it from me. I can not pick and choose there so many good blogs out there.

Thank you so much Diana


  1. That is awesome! Congratulations!

    Simple Creations

  2. Congratulations! I am so happy for you!

  3. Love your comments about the cricut. LOL! You absolutely deserve all of your awards.
    Cindy Lou


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