Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WEDNESDAY- E2 arrived last night -#4 in 4 legged friends& MPS stamp series

The first card I made from this cartridge, is really cute , but I do not think it goes with the series so I will call this one #4 in the series. I am not quite sure yet how many I will have  in this set of-------------------------
  My four legged friends with the My Pink Stamper stamp series.
I have two more that I will post Thursday and Friday.  My E2 arrived last night . Looks just like this

It weighs about 20 lbs in the packed box. Once I got it out of the box it seemed lighter than the Expression and more streamlined. I have to say there is a bit of learning to do. I want the screen to work like the gypsy and it doesn't.  I want to move the blade like I do with my expression and that is not happening either. There is no  chirp when when it is turned on. However, it does seem quieter and faster and takes up less space in front.
I've just been playing with the installed cartridges which are really cute. The decals cartridge has one function key dedicated to cricut heads.  I have to hit the gym today, I won't get a chance the rest of the week.


  1. Congrat's on getting your new Expressoin! (I'm so jealous) can't wait to see what you create with it. ENJOY!!!! :-)

    And what a cute little mouse!!! -Sam :-)

  2. I practically drool in envy when I hear about people receiving their E2s!!! Since they're only available on HSN, we Canadians are out of luck (unless we have a US address, which I don't, darn it!). So I will live vicariously through you, I think. ;) Love the Four-Legged Friends series - so adorable!

  3. OMG! This is just a cute card. Glad you love your E2. I'm getting used to mine as well.


  4. Lovin' the 4-legged friends with the plaids.

  5. Yea! Mine came yesterday too but I had to work really late so didn't even open it until about an hour ago. Have fun with it and please share any tips you pick up.


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