Sunday, May 20, 2012


Good Evening Friends,

What a day -- I want to say I absolutely got nothing done today, but then I decided I had better think about that. I did get the ironing done and a couple of meals in. Spent most of the time on the phone with family.
I just love family and the memories they give. I Did not get any art/crafting done.  I am gearing up to go through my art/craft  stuff this week. Make sure to check out this Thursday's challenge as it may be a box full of things that are new but I don't use.  I am so blessed I need to share.  I am excited about it.

It was a beautiful day today 70 degrees very little wind. We went out for breakfast and had a great view. What more can I say.

Can you you guess what my favorite movie is ?     Here is a hint

Anyway that is it for now, Have a good evening.
Be blessed, Diana


  1. Happy Sunday! I have no idea who the robot is lol!

  2. Hello Diana:) Stopping to say HI:) Is it Ironman hee hee!! Have a fantastic Monday!!

  3. who is that? iron man comes to mind. LOL, but he's not red. robo cop? terminator? irobot? disney's robots? yeah, i'm out of ideas. :p

  4. Is that Gort? haha! The day the earth stood still- is that the movie?? The old one or remake (personally I like the old one) :)Amy


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