Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday- Afternoon and Thank you lady bug card from Carri

Happy Sunday everyone,
I really like my Sundays most of the time they are relaxing. I go to church in the morning, we either go out for breakfast/ lunch or we have it at home then there is usually watching of sports on TV and then a naps in there somewhere-- I have to love Sundays.

This past week I received the cutest  Thank you card  (the one with the lady bug) in the mail from Carri over at
check it out -- She is so sweet-- she has a great blog-
Thank you so much Carri

See you all later.hugs, DIANA L.


  1. such a cute card!! Enjoy the rest of your day :)

  2. Hi Diana, such an adorable "Thank you" card, you did an awesome job as usual. Very nice. ~Shen

  3. What an adorable card Carri made for you, Diana! I hope you had a nice, relaxing Sunday!! :D


  4. What a cute thank you card.. sounds like you had a wonderful relaxing day...

  5. How cute and sweet for her to send this to you.


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