Friday, June 29, 2012

JUNE 30, 2012***LAST DAY OF JUNE-- Where did that half of the year go?

Hi Friends,

 I will post the winner of  the DL.ART Thankful Thursday  Fathers day/ Male card challenge tomorrow.
In the mean time you can enter the challenges and the linky party.
Here are  the links. I did go to urgent care yesterday. I will fill you in tomorrow.  I'm a bit out of it tonight.

Love to all of you--- I needed to post some type of pic-- This is a chalk drawing - I would like to take credit for it, but I did not do, it was floating around the internet I thought I would send LOVE to all of you

Click Here for the DL.ART Thankful Thursday a 2 colors, ribbon & embossing challenge ends June 30 11:59 pm

 Click here for the DL.ART Thankful Thursday a linky party ( thank you) challenge  ends July 7, 11:59 pm

Have a blessed evening, Diana


  1. Hope you're feeling better. come by for a visit and a giveaway!

  2. Such an awesome photo Diana...first time I am seeing it.


  3. Oh Diana, i hope you are feeling better... that must have been scary going to the ER.. Love the picture. hugs

  4. Oh no - I hope you are OK!! Look after yourself. Hugs coming you way.

  5. love you too hope you get to feeling better my friend I sent your mini album thurs so you should be recieving soon. hugs and take care of yourself.


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